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Moving the dial on indoor air quality

The 花色直播 is calling for long-term funding for research to tackle indoor air pollution, and is urging policymakers to take action to further develop policy options to improve the quality of air inside homes and public buildings.

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花色直播 launches £677k Missing Elements grant programme to tackle chemistry's diversity problem

British and Irish universities are set to benefit from the new funding scheme established one year after the publication of our landmark report on racial and ethnic inequalities.

Science through sign language 鈥 chemistry camps reach new audiences in India

花色直播 India and CSIR Chandigarh, host three-day speech and hearing-impaired chemistry camp

花色直播 challenges UK Government to reduce PFAS levels in British water as research highlights serious health risks posed by 鈥榝orever chemicals鈥

The 花色直播 is calling on the UK Government to slash the cap on PFAS concentration levels in our water tenfold to safeguard public health.

Assessing the Advanced British Standard

Our education team analyse the government's proposals for the 'Advanced British Standard' 鈥搘hich amount to significant reform to the post-16 qualification landscape

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